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Beretta Shotgun Snap Caps 12 Gauge Dummy Rounds Nickel Plated Brass


Specifications and Features:
Beretta Shotgun Snap Caps SN1200660009
12 Gauge
Dummy Practice Rounds
Spring Loaded
Nickel Plated Brass

Beretta offers a large assortment of high quality outdoor equipment and products for all of your shooting needs. Snap Caps are an essential accessory to every shooting kit. It allows you to practice and train without ever firing a shot. Designed specifically to safely absorb the impact of the firing pin, and weighted to mimic a live round, you can cycle the action and pull the trigger without the risk of damage due to an open chamber. Professional grade nickel plated brass construction will last a lifetime. Great for training new shooters, or diagnosing to improve skills, make sure you have Beretta Snap Caps in your kit.


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