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brown bear ammo 5.45x39mm Blank Ammunition 750 Rounds Blanks


Brown Bear Ammo A545BL
Blank – No Projectile
Lacquer Coated Steel Cases
Uses: Military Re-enactors, Ceremonies, Training Exercises, or Theatrical Productions

Brown Bear ammunition is a cost-effective solution for today’s shooters. This is a case lot of blank ammunition loaded without projectiles for training and theatrical use. The lacquered coated steel cases are not-reloadable. Brown Bear is loaded to exacting standards to ensure you receive a quality product.

Please use caution with blank ammunition. This is not fake ammunition and these rounds are not a toy. Particulates under high pressure will exit the barrel and can be extremely dangerous. As with all, ammunition please practice all firearm safe handling rules, and never point-blank ammunition in an unsafe direction.


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