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Package Price for customer supplied Ruger SP101®


Our Essential level of customization for the Ruger SP101®, GP100®, and Redhawk® revolvers offers the most requested and most essential upgrades necessary to improve ease of operation, reliability and user friendly features. Action tuning, cylinder enhancement, sight upgrades, de-horning and Hybra-Port™ porting are all essential upgrades  included in these packages. We also offer an extensive list of options for the SP101®, GP100® and Redhawk® Essential packages that can be added singly or in multiples to configure to a customers specific needs and wants.

Package Price for customer supplied Ruger SP101® – $599.95:

  • Hybra-Port™ porting, three ports on top of barrel.
  • Complete action tuning (9, 10, 11# DAO)
  • Recrown muzzle
  • Chamfer cylinder throats
  • Recontour and mirror polish trigger
  • Bob/remove hammer cockspur & mirror polish hammer (DAO)
  • Smooth & dehorn for carry
  • Eliminate cylinder endshake
  • Replace springs as needed
  • Polish plungers and pins
  • Electro chemical etch Gemini Customs logo
  • Test Fire for Function
  • #170-325 Superfine matte glass bead blast entire revolver
  • Does not include shipping costs
  • Subtract $100 if you delete or do not want Hybra-Port porting

Options: *Simply add these to your Essential SP101® Package

  • V-8 Hybra-Port™ configuration adds $200.00
  • Mirror polish entire revolver, $750.00
  • PVD DLC Aerospace plated finishes, $625.00
  • Moonclip conversion, includes 3 moonclips, $185.00
  • Slabside barrel $200
  • Skeletonize trigger guard, $175
  • Remove LH side barrel warning and maintain original barrel contour, $200.00
  • SADA action tuning, with SA @ 2.5 lBS and DA @ 10lbs, includes smoothing of the cockspur edges for carry, $.80.00
  • Remove barrel, lathe turn crown @ 11 degrees, throat and polish and reinstall @ 12:00 TDC, $275.00
  • Finish ream and hone cylinder chambers .357 mag, .38 spl. 9x19mm, $45.95

I find a lot of the newer Ruger SP101®’s in need of barrel throating and cylinder finish ream and hone. I will do this if needed, and charge the listed price. There is no sense in letting it out of the shop with minor issues that are easy and inexpensive to correct while it is being upgraded. We may be able to supply a brand NEW Ruger SP101® for your project if you do not currently own/have one. We must ship all newly purchased Ruger SP101®’s to a dealer (FFL) of your choice for the background and transfer process. Please be ready to supply us with point of contact information for your dealer so we can coordinate the shipping. We can do as much or as little as you wish for your Ruger SP101® project, but we have developed these offerings as the most popular and useful upgrades over the last 20 years. We can and do build custom one-of-a-kind Ruger SP101®’s…. all it takes is a phone call to discuss, just ask for Marc.


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