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Winchester White Box, 22-250 Remington- JHP, 45 Grain, 40 Rounds


Key Specifications

  • Item Number: 46891
  • Mfg. Number: USA222502
  • UPC Number: 020892212398
  • Caliber: .22-250 Remington
  • Bullet Weight: 45 grain
  • Bullet Style: Jacketed Hollow Point
  • Muzzle Velocity: 4,000 FPS
  • Muzzle Energy: 1,600 ft.-lbs.
  • Case Type: Brass
  • Primer Type: Boxer
  • Corrosive: No
  • Rounds: 40

22-250 Remington ammo or 22-250 Rem, Jhp, 45 Grain,

I shot 6 or 7 coyotes and they are the only ones I can recollect that didn’t require a finisher, aside from one little bitch who approached 75 yards with an ideal chest shot.

They appear to act like small-scale hand explosives, with high shock energy, and absence of entrance. Quite a while back, a mate hit you in the chest with a .308 and discovered blood wherever on the coyote. Quite a while back! I purchased a case at a lower cost and serious mix-up, they function admirably on coyotes in the event that you wouldn’t fret placing a second shot in their mind! The one in particular that! I don’t recall requiring a finisher was a little bitch who pursued around 75 yards an ideal chest shot, some other time! I ran into a couple in the field and two shots later he was no more.22-250 Remington ammo or 22-250 Rem

Winchester 45 grain 22 250

We have unlimited accounts of the very same thing occurring with a wide range of types. I once shot one in New Mexico with a .350 and a .300 rum 180gr projectile, and he was going to crush it and kick the bucket.

I pursued them and needed to kill them on two additional occasions with a 22-250 Remington ammo or 22-250 Rem to polish them off.

Boomerang I attempted the DRT ammo and it should go to tidy in a major shock wave. On the off chance that you use HP, it won’t grow.

Winchester 22 250 ammo 40 grain

I attempted a 45-grain JHP load on a 223 and it appeared to be a critter that weighed in excess of 15 pounds. The 60-grain delicate point is the heaviest type with the mildest shot. It has a quicker extension than the Remington 55 grain weaknesses. Yet ought to be utilized with alert in close regions at high velocities. Government delivers a flexible scope of 22/250 burdens.

Foundry Outdoor has a wide scope of top-notch ammo, from little arms ammo, rifle ammo, shotgun ammo, and rimfire ammo, including the total 22/250 Remington line. Target Sports USA makes the whole Remington ammo line available for purchase with free delivery on huge ammo, including the Remington UMC 22/250 Remington ammo with a 45-grain covered empty point. The accompanying data identifies with Remington’s.22-250 ammo. It is adaptable, well known, and brings down ammo costs by permitting you to utilize it at various rates.


Rehearsing sport shooting and preparing practices with a rifle and handgun ammo is presently a superb decision for huge volume shooting and hunting. We likewise convey hunting ammo, sheathed empty point ammo (JHP), and self-preservation applications.

Maryland occupants should be something like 21 years of age to purchase ammo. Purchasers of handguns should be 21 years or more seasoned at the very latest the bartering closes.

22 250 ammo 90 grain

On the off chance that the purchaser isn’t qualified to buy ammo for some other explanation or then again if the purchaser defaults on installment, the deal is void. The first price tag will be gotten back to the purchaser alongside the purchaser’s exceptional transportation charge of $5,000, all default expenses or clump costs paid by the barker, and any vital return of ammo by the purchaser.


ammunition for deer

Purchasers of long-range ammo should be somewhere around 18 years of age when the sale closes. No other individual, relative, or companion might have the ammo.

Because of the instability and expanded expenses of ammo creation, we maintain whatever authority is needed to drop orders whenever. For more data and replies to often posed inquiries about the accessibility of stocks and orders kindly snap here. I acquired my father’s .223 Winchester Super Short Mags with Polymer Ballistic Tips. I have utilized so many of these rifles that they explode like bolts in a field of spots. Attempted .223, .22, .250 Varmint balls from the V-Max line.

 bullets for reloading

Booger Member The delight possibly quieted down later in the day when a 40-shot pack of Winchester White Box 22-250 45gn JHP ammo delivered 2 5-shot gatherings of around 75 pieces. Getting back to my strategy of specialized breakdown (1 shot, 1 draw of the drill snake) after 20 rounds. I had consented to shoot a 5-shot gathering.

The 222 has acquired a tremendous fan base and a standing as another discipline for feast shooting. The main cartridge compromising the prevalence of their 222 Wildcats will not be the 22-250.



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