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Below are some of the publications where you may have seen our work. (or possibly missed) Click on the images or Title Header to view a larger and more readable version.

American Handgunner 2019 Cover

American Handgunner Magazine – Personal Defense Special 2019, Volume #24 – Marc Morganti, Author of

A Master’s Blaster Article JUNE 2019

American Handgunner November/December 2002

picture 1 AH-NovDec-2002-2AH-NovDec-2002-3 American Handgunner September/October 2005 AH-SeptOct-2005-1 AH-SeptOct-2005-2 AH-SeptOct-2005-3 American Handgunner March/April 2006 MarApr06-1 MarApr06-2 MarApr06-3 American Handgunner September/October 2006 AH-SeptOct-2006-1  AH-SeptOct-2006-2 AH-SeptOct-2006-3   AH-SeptOct-2006-4 AH-SeptOct-2006-5 American Hundgunner November/December 2006 AH-NovDec2006-1 AH-NovDec2006-2AH-NovDec2006-3 Guns & Ammo Complete Book Of The 1911 – 2007 G&A-1911-07-1 G&A-1911-07-2 G&A-1911-07-3 G&A-1911-07-4 G&A-1911-07-5 G&A-1911-07-6G&A-1911-07-7 G&A-1911-07-8G&A-1911-07-9 G&A-1911-07-10G&A-1911-07-11 American Handgunner July/August 2009 AH-JulAug-09 AH-JulAug-09-1   AH-JulAug-09-2 AH-JulAug-09-2B AH-JulAug-09-3  AH-JulAug-09-4 AH-JulAug-09-5  AH-JulAug-09-6  AH-JulAug-09-7 American Handgunner November/December 2009 AH-NovDec-2009-1  AH-NovDec-2009-2
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