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.45 ACP- FMJ 230 Grain, 250 Rounds


Current production, brass-cased, boxer-primed and fully reloadable. Non-corrosive. 230-grain, full metal jacket bullet. Muzzle Velocity: 835 F.P.S. Muzzle Energy: 356 ft.-lbs.

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45 Acp, Fmj, 230 Grain, 250 Rounds

Magtech Loads is a protection worker for hire for CBC in Brazil that utilizations progressed fabricating strategies. Western ammo items are from Canada and can buy in Canada. The greater part of the least expensive ammo arrangements can purchase in one area from various ammo retailers.

Magtech ACP 230gr FMJ Ammunition Magtech 45 ACP and FMJ Ammunition Magtech Ammunition values being the world forerunner in fostering the best ammo accessible today available. As perhaps the most established maker on the planet, Magtech has delivered billions of rounds of ammo in various kinds, loads, and brands. The rifles and handguns made today are the results of more than 140 years of plan development and greatness in assembling.


Our specially designed ammo consolidates the best parts and gives unrivaled exactness, unwavering quality, and worth. The rifle and handgun ammo delivered today are new underway with erosion-safe fighter groundworks, battery-powered metal housings, and so forth Regardless of whether for sport shooting or preparing works out, our ammo is a great decision for enormous volume shooting and hunting.

Accuracy All-in-One Ammunition makes its ammo to uncommon guidelines. Top-notch parts, for example, metal powder, preliminaries, and balls are utilizing all through the assembling system. American-made premium coats produce using 45-inch grain, empty circles, and supplies are prepared for shipment and element a lead-squeezed center associated with its copper sheath.

Ammunition cal. 45 ACP (.45 Auto)

The 45ABP pack contains five (5) boxes of 50 cartridges in fixed fight packs, three 250 round fight packs, and one 750 round case. I have a container of 250 rounds of 45 ACP in a full metal coat prepared.

S and B all-metal cases for the military and police are stack with Colt, Glock, Kimber, SIG Sauer, Smith and Wesson, and various other .45-type guns, guns, and carabiners. Tried with HK, USP, S and W, 4506, and 463 in addition to a couple 1911 and Glock 21.


This ammo moves its projectile at 850 feet each second through the mouth of a 5-inch barrel and conveys 350-foot-pound gag energy. .45 type (45.1 in width) 230-grain full metal balls with nose balls are accessible in the Middle South. These shots offer normal ballistic gag velocities of up to 830 feet each second.

We offer this ammo in restricted amounts: 5 boxes of 250 rounds in parcel 2180 and one box of 50. Ownership of 5 boxes in Lot 10900 is superior to 10 boxes (half box) in Lot 21800.

cal 45 ACP

In the event that the thing isn’t gotten by the planned assortment date for a specific sale, a 3-day stockpiling expense will be charged toward the start of the closeout. In the event that 7 workdays have slipped by, you will lose the property to John Peck Auctions, LLC for a discount.

LLC has gone into an expert bundling administrations concurrence with UPS and all things will show up unharmed. The triumphant bidder is liable for the real shipment, bundling, and treatment of the thing to 15%.

Glock 45 ACP

It is an uncommon event, however, it is conceivable that things might be harmed during re-energizing. On the off chance that you enter a wrong conveyance address (additionally called transporting), we will address it for nothing. In the event that your request is delivered to a changed location, a charge will be added for the bundle.

Before you purchase a thing, you should affirm that you are of legitimate age to buy the ammo. The legitimate protection for the offer of ammo is conclusive and doesn’t qualify them to return.

.45 ACP Round Head Armored

For more data and replies to oftentimes posed inquiries about the accessibility of stocks and orders kindly snap here. Standard Account Terms apply to all non-special buys until the finish of the advancement and all limited-time buys from that point. Unpredictability expands the expense of creating ammo and we maintain all authority to drop orders whenever.

Remington has for quite some time been the main wellspring of ammo for the Americans. Covers, oral preliminaries, and impregnations offer you the most extreme dependability. On the off chance that you finish up the CAPTCHA to demonstrate that you are an individual, you will get brief admittance to this web property.


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