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Buy Federal Premium-9mm-Luger +P 124 1000 RDS

Original price was: $800.00.Current price is: $510.99.

Quantity – 1000 Rounds (20 Boxes of 50 Rounds),

Manufacturer – Federal, Bullet – 124 gr HST +P JHP (Jacketed Hollow Point),

Casing – New Nickel-Plated Boxer-Primed Brass

Buy Federal Premium-9mm-Luger +P 124
Buy Federal Premium-9mm-Luger +P 124 Online

Federal Premium Centerfire Handgun Ammunition 9mm Luger 150 grain Syntech Total Synthetic Jacket Centerfire Pistol Ammunition AE9SJAP1 Caliber:9mm – 124 gr HST +P JHP, Number of Rounds: 1000
Federal (P9HST3) – 1000 Rounds ammunition is the next generation in performance defense rounds. The specially designed jacketed hollow point will not plug even after passing through a variety of barriers. It is specifically designed to maintain nearly 100% of its weight. The jacket will stay in place under even the harshest conditions while providing impressive expansion. The result is consistent expansion, optimum penetration, and superior terminal performance.[All the features professionals depend on now available to the civilian self-defense shooter in one of the most popular CCW / self-defense calibers. (does this need a comma after depend on? It was “and” but it sounded weird)]Perfect for when you need to protect yourself, your property and your loved ones. Federal (P9HST3) – 1000 Rounds
“Whatever you choose, make sure you fire at least 500 and preferably 1000 failure free shots through your pistol prior to carrying it. If your pistol cannot fire at least 1000 consecutive shots without a malfunction, something is wrong and it is not suitable for duty/self-defense use.”
Made in America each Federal 9mm – 124 gr HST +P JHP round is constructed using a 124-grain HST Jacket Hollow Point bullet, nickel-plated brass case (suitable for reloading) non-corrosive powder and high-grade boxer primer. Those who depend on a handgun for self-defense know that having the best ammunition possible could be the difference between being a victor or victim. This is why countless law enforcement officers turn to Federal Premium’s 9mm 124 grain +P HST ammo. Thanks to bulk purchase size you can enjoy the same high-performance ammunition preferred by law enforcement professional at a reduced price.
Federal LE HST 9mm handgun ammunition is designed to deliver the high performance today’s law enforcement officers demand. Each HST bullet is individually engineered to provide shot-to-shot uniformity and ensure optimum performance when fired through a variety of barriers. The result is a cartridge that provides officers the ultimate defense in lethal force confrontations.

Quantity – 1000 Rounds (20 Boxes of 50 Rounds)
Manufacturer – Federal
Bullet – 124 gr HST +P JHP (Jacketed Hollow Point)
Casing – New Nickel-Plated Boxer-Primed Brass


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