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BVAC .40 S&W Ammunition 50 Rounds – Brass FMJ 180 Grains R40180


Features and Specifications:
Manufacturer Number: R40180
BVAC .40 S&W Ammunition 50 Rounds Reloads FMJ 180 Grains
Caliber: .40 S&W
Bullet Type: Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) Projectile
Bullet Weight: 180 Grains
Rounds: 50 Loose Packed Rounds in a Poly Bag
Muzzle Velocity: 950 fps
Jacket Material: Copper
Core Material: Lead
Tip Material: none
Casing: Reloaded Brass Case
Uses: Training, Range, Plinking

Premium ammunition for sale. Buy primers at Mega Arms including Winchester, Browning, and Kent Cartridge, Bvac 9mm Luger.

When your life depends on the accuracy of the ammunition you are shooting, there is only one choice, BVAC Ammunition.

After selling the company a few years back, bvac 9mm luger original owner has bought it back and is producing the highest quality reloaded ammunition available in the market! bvac  Ammunition was originally forming.

In 2005 to meet Law enforcement agencies’ stringent needs for high-quality ammo that is  use during critical situations. For example, such as when their lives depended on its accuracy. They have since expanded into offering hunting rounds like buckshot and slugs. As well as an emphasis on consistency across all calibers. They produce while still maintaining their original mission statement which states “To provide law enforcement agents with accurate ammunition at every level.”.c


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