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Hornady Varmint Express Rimfire, .17 HM2, V-MAX, 17 Grain, 500 Rounds


Key Specifications

  • Item Number: 85673
  • Mfg. Number: 83177
  • Caliber: .17 Mach 2
  • Bullet Weight: 17 grain
  • Bullet Style: Polymer Tip V-MAX® HM2
  • Muzzle Velocity: 2,100 F.P.S.
  • Muzzle Energy: 166 ft.-lbs.
  • Ballistic Coefficient: .125 (G1)
  • Case Type: Brass
  • Primer: Rimfire, non-reloadable
  • Corrosive: No
  • Rounds: 500

V-Max, 17 Grain, 500 Rounds

The Hornady 17 HMR ammo will outfit with a 17-grain V-Max shot and a projectile from Hornady’s Nebraskan Manufacturers intended for all-out sway. Complete 100 fps quicker than ordinary 17-HMR-manufacture ammo is the fair 17-grain A17 Varmint projectile that intends for a fast extension to convey full energy to the objective.

Hornady 17 Mach 2, 500 rounds

Hornady V-MAX balls have polymer tips to expand precision and advance crushing extension. CCI Ammo 17 Rimfire HMR 20 Grain Game PT-52 ammo is accessible at a decent cost.

$35 boxes are CI 17 Hornady Magnum Rimfire 17 HMR (20gr Full Metal Jacket) $50 highlights a non-growing all-metal shot that diminishes meat harm when hunting an assortment of varmints, produces magnificent objective practice ammo, and uses clean fuel gas to keep your activity clean.

Increment your gun execution with top-notch 17-HMR ammo that can annihilate varmints and other little games instantly. Winchester Varmint LF HMR 155gr V-MAX (a) 16-grain empty point circle (CCI) has a percussion speed of 2,500 feet each second and hits with 222 foot-pounds of energy. Hornady VARMINT Express 17 HM2 ammo (17 grains) from Hornady (V-MAXoffers) is stack with the renowned Hornady V-Max shot.

Hornady Varmint Express Rimfire

This ammo intends for exact long-reach shooting and depends on the incredible exhibition of Hornady V-Max slugs. Each round is a 17-grain V-MAX shot that additionally includes a concentric coat, smoothed out a profile, the greatest contact surface, and polymer tip. Ideally one week from now I can go out and stretch Hornady 17 HMR-gag to 200-400 yards to perceive how the BSA Sweet 17 performs.

Its sharp-edged shots give touchy development and fast, clean kills. The Hornady 17 HM2 is another creation with a non-destructive ball.

Hornady 17 HMR Ammunition

The cost of ammo has expanded because of the expanded expenses of delivering ammo from parts, labor and assembling materials, just as expansions in the expense of lead and different metals. The bartering incorporates guns, ammo, and other brandishing things for the Sportsman Village Sporting Goods Store and the storekeeper.

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Federal 17 HMR Ammunition

This ammo is viable at terminating ranges up to 1,000 yards and reaches up to 4.75 miles. A mark something like 21 years of age will need to supply the ammo.

17 HMR 17gr V-Max Hornady

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17 Mach 2 Hornady 17gr

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