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Kent Cartridge ProTrial 12 Gauge Blank Ammunition 2-1/2″ Shell Field Blanks


Kent Cartridge 12-Gauge Blanks Features and Specifications:

  • Kent Item Number: K1225PTFB
  • Blank Ammunition
  • Caliber: 12 Gauge
  • Shell Length: 2½ Inch
  • Clean
  • Reliable
  • Uses: Training and Competition

Mega Arms offers high-quality reloading powder, primers, bullets, kent protrial blanks other shooting supplies. Find your ammunition needs today!

Professional quality 12-gauge blank ammunition for competition and training. Kent Cartridge has an excellent line of superior shotgun ammunition for every purpose and target. They also offer professional quality blank ammunition to get you and your favorite four-legged furry hunting partner off the couch and out into the field more.

Perfect for training and hunting dog competitions, Kent ProTrial is the professional’s choice for clean and reliable field blanks.

Top-of-the-line components and tireless dedication ensure that you’re training your hunting buddy with the same high-quality ammunition you use when hunting season rolls around. Next time you hit the field to keep your working dog actually working in the off-season, take Kent Cartridge ProTrial Field Blanks with you.



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