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TulAmmo – 40 S&W- FMJ 180 Grain- 500 Rounds


Boxer-primed, non-corrosive, non-reloadable. Muzzle Velocity: 990 F.P.S. Muzzle Energy: 392 ft.-lbs.

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Tulammo Fmj – 40 S&W

Tula (otherwise called Tulammo) started the creation of military ammo during the 1880s named after its underlying foundations in Tula. This ammo is intend to work in a .45 ACP gun or handgun, yet can likewise utilize in some other weapon, particularly in case it is a steel case ammo. The .45 ACP ammo from the Tula production line is new ammo with a non-destructive, non-battery-powered steel packaging and Berdan preliminaries. Buy 40 S&W Online

Tulammo 223 fmj

Between World War I and World War II, Tula changed from metal housings to steel-sheathed ammo to save Russia. The restricted stock of copper and zinc and take advantage of the enormous amount of iron. A huge number of rounds of Tula ammo have been sold. And a great many satisfied marksmen are essential for his client base. As a 9mm ammo, Tula meets the CIP necessities by fitting the chamber in the barrel and putting the chamber on its shoulder.


40 s & w vs 10mm auto

Also, Tula cartridges have a polymer sheath that expands insurance against dampness and draws out the timeframe of realistic usability of the ammo. High Precision Systems, an aggregate working under the Rostec umbrella, makes ammo in Tula, Russia, an ammo city that started delivering ammo under the Russian lord Alexander II in 1880. The Russian organization has created numerous famous handgun cartridges, for example, 9mm,38 Special,45 ACP, and rifle ammo such as.223 Remand.308 Win just as most the military cartridges, for example, 7.62x39mm and.762x54R.

TulAmmo 7.62x39mm Ammunition 40 Rounds

The actual cartridges are polymer-cover steel housings with bimetallic balls and non-destructive groundworks. Tula ammunition rounds have steel packaging with zinc sheath, erosion-safe Berdan preliminaries, and phosphate polymer coatings on the lead center. One of the sharpness of the sword is that not exclusively is this cleaner and lubed. However, guns make some harder memories of taking care of steel cases with ammo.

Most ranges don’t permit attractive ammo to terminate utilizing steel housings. The balls are squeezed into non-battery-power steel lodgings that fit perfectly and touch off Berdan preliminaries that leave no destructive buildups. For huge volume, shooting reaches, and preparing with self-loader manual rifles and carabiners, Tulammos .223 Remington ammo is the most reasonable and optimal decision.


The phosphate polymer covering on the cartridge packaging is bottle mold and the unprojected steel rib. Tula Cartridge Works was establish in 1880 and is one of the world’s driving producers of little arms ammo.

The FMJ Round is a Tula 45 ACP with a gag speed of 853 and gag energy of 372 ftlbs. The 9mm luge cartridge conveys a 115-grain FMJ slug with a zinc coat. The zinc sheath doesn’t change its appearance over the long run and verifiably represses electrochemical erosion of steel lodgings.

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