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Pocket Protector Option S&W .642 – Hybra-Port™ 6 Port J Frame Package


Here is a basic sidearm that is lightweight at 424 grams. It is extremely convenient and easy to carry and we want to keep it simple. We are offering this package in this configuration ONLY. Call for availability and pricing if we supply the new revolver.

Package for customer supplied weapon includes:

  • V-6 45 degree Hybra-Port™ porting
  • Complete action tuning
  • Crown barrel
  • Chamfer cylinder throats
  • Mill front sight to point of aim
  • Eliminate cylinder endshake
  • Test fire


  • Moonclips – $199.00
  • Finish ream and Hone cylinder chambers – $60
  • Gemini Customs Exotic Wood Grips – call to discuss pricing and availability


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